NEW YORK (PIX11) — Public housing residents at the East Village Jacob Riis Houses are suing the City of New York for $10 million after the arsenic water scare from the first week of September, where more than 2,500 people were told not to use the taps in their homes.

The city says it was all a false alarm due to bad water testing and claims the water is safe to drink.

On. Sept. 10, NYC Mayor Eric Adams took to Twitter to share a video of himself drinking water from the tap at the Jacob Riis Houses in an effort to show that the water is safe. 

Still, some tenants say that they don’t trust the water. 

The water scare has prompted the city to take things a step further and on Sept. 15, the city announced that NYCHA’s Chair Greg Russ will no longer also serve as the agency’s CEO. 

Russ, who had held the dual position since he was appointed by former Mayor Bill de Blasio in August 2019, will continue to chair NYCHA’s board of directors, but will no longer serve as CEO, according to a news release from the Adams administration. 

Now, at least 71 families have come forward in the lawsuit against the city. Families looking to take part in the lawsuit have 90 days to submit a claim, according to New York City Attorney Sanford Rubenstein of Rubenstein & Rynecki

PIX11 spoke with Rubenstein and Rebecca Perkins, one of the tenants listed in the lawsuit, about the issue at hand. 

Their message to NYCHA tenants dealing with a similar issue: Know your rights and know that we’re going to get through this.

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