NEW YORK (PIX11)— The New York City COVID-19 alert level has been upgraded from medium to high, health officials announced Tuesday.

The new alert means COVID-19 is highly spreading and putting pressure on the health care system, according to the city health department.

Officials advised New Yorkers to wear masks indoors and at crowded outdoor events, get vaccinated and tested, limit get-togethers to small numbers and stay home if experiencing symptoms.

Health officials previously warned the city’s alert level would soon be changed after an increase in cases.

In March, Mayor Eric Adams introduced a new color-coded alert system designed to let New Yorkers know what levels of precautions they should be taking. Each level also comes with a set of recommended government actions.

Government actions for high alert, which is orange, include an increase in testing and vaccination capacity and face masks in all public indoor settings.

Adams strongly recommends New Yorkers mask up, but is not ready to issue a mask mandate, according to a source in the mayor’s office.