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At a quick glance , it may look like your typical film class at New Rochelle High School, but the students in that class are using modern technology to learn about the past.

In fact, they only use Apple products from start to finish.

“It shows that everyone can make movies, anytime you want,” Jorim Motley said. “All you need is an iPhone, a few dollars and an idea.”

Every January, students throughout the country learn about Martin Luther King Jr. and his powerful journey, fighting for the rights of African Americans.
But here, the students are not only learning the lessons of King, they are reliving it through the power of documentary making.

“We found a piece called The Purpose of Education,” says Anthony Stirpe, who heads up the film class at the high school.

It’s an essay that King wrote back in 1943 when he was just a teenager himself, showing these teenagers that they too can make a difference.

“They have a voice, and they can tell a story and make a difference,” Stirpe said.

The students spent weeks shooting and editing their documentary, which can be seen below.