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NEW JERSEY — File this under one of the most creative baby announcements ever, thanks in part to a little help from New Jersey State Police.

A New Jersey couple apparently were a bit eager to tell their family that they were expecting, because they were pulled over for speeding.

But instead of giving the couple a hard time for wanting to spread the happy news, Trooper Olsen had this message:

“Listen, I’m not giving you a ticket,” the trooper said. “All right, I’m just gonna give you a warning. OK, what warning I gave you, it’s not gonna be for speed or anything. I gave: ‘Failure to Use Car Seat for Child Under 8 Years.’ So you can be like, ‘Mom and Dad, look, I got a warning for this.’ And they can be like, ‘Why’d you get that?’ And you can be like, ‘We’re pregnant!'”

State police posted dash cam video of the incident with the caption “Well Done, Trooper Olsen, Well Done.”

The video has more than 50,000 views.