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NEW JERSEY — An attempt by NJ Transit to engage with commuters Tuesday was met by criticism over cost, poor service and communication.

The statewide public transportation group tweeted video of a man trying, and failing, to board an NJ Transit bus with an ATM machine.

After spending 30 seconds maneuvering the large machine toward the bus, the driver closes the door and takes off.

“You gonna do this to me? For real? We coulda made money together,” the man yells.

NJ Transit later tweeted that it obtained the video from Twitter user, and self-proclaimed “sit-down comedian,” @Darius_DK.

The department could not offer additional information about the video, including if it was staged.

“I have no context to provide you on this video as we did not post nor film the video. We are interacting with and engaging our customers based on something already circulating on social media,” a spokeswoman said

Several customers, however, took the opportunity to slam the department:

Note: The video below is unedited and includes offensive language.

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