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NEW YORK (PIX11) — It was approximately 51 weeks ago when HOT 97 deejay Peter Rosenberg took to the stage at a pre-Summer Jam event where he uttered the words that would ignite a fiery feud between him and headliner Nicki Minaj – ultimately prompting the rapper to pull out of the show.

“I know there are chicks here waiting to hear some “Starships,” I’m not talking to ya’ll right now. F**k that bullsh*t. I am here to talk about real hip hop sh*t,” Rosenberg said, setting off a firestorm between Nicki’s camp and the legendary hip hop radio station.

As the weeks progressed, the feud eventually fizzled leaving behind remnants in the form of threatening tweets from Nicki’s Barbs directed toward Rosenberg.

A year later, both sides finally came face-to-face and ironed out their differences on the airwaves of Hot 97. In the no-holds barred interview that aired Tuesday, both Rosenberg and Minaj appeared to admit their faults in the now-infamous feud but neither committed to a full-blown concession.

“I am sorry that things went as left as they did and I never had ill feelings about you as a human being, ever,” the deejay told the rapper. “I would have never ever dissed you in any personal way beyond my distaste for that song.”

“It’s cool,” Minaj responded. “It’s water under the bridge. It was so long ago, I can’t even act like I care anymore.”

Nicki admitted she regretted walking away from a 2012 show that would have been historic.

“In hindsight I should have done [Summer Jam] because it was my hometown,” Minaj said, adding “I wish I would’ve just come out. I apologize [to the fans] for not doing the show.”

The apparent kiss-and-make up meeting wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. At one point, Minaj attempted to downsize the veteran deejay, saying his “unknown” status made his initial remarks unwarranted.

“I don’t know your resume. I never found you funny. I never found you entertaining. I never found you smart,” Minaj told Rosenberg. “I just found you annoying. To me it was like, who are you? You don’t have enough of a resume to make those comments.”

Rosenberg, who has become one of the most influential voices on the underground hip hop circuit in a career that spans 16 years, explained that his love for hip hop and experience in the game entitles him to have an opinion – one that may not always be the most popular.

“I love hip hop, so I speak out about things I don’t like,” he said. “So when an artist I considered to be important to hip hop made a record that I deemed to be totally not good for [the genre], it wasn’t something I was trying to get at you personally about.”

When the 37-minute interview came to a close, the pair agreed to bury the hatchet.  The new found peace opens the door to a possible return for Minaj to the Summer Jam stage this year when the legendary hip hop show takes over MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on June 2.

Despite Rosenberg’s distaste for “Starships” – the epicenter of the existing conflict – it continues to be Minaj’s most successful single to date, selling 7.2 million copies worldwide, a feat that Nicki reiterated during Tuesday’s one-on-one.