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NEWTOWN, CONN (PIX11) — As the first calls came in for the Newtown tragedy, the town’s volunteer ambulance corp dispatched what would be two dozen responders.

Mike Collins ran the efforts with a crew of 25 from headquarters as EMT’s rushed to Sandy Hook Elementary to give life saving medical assistance to the victims… only there was no helping the 26 victims inside the school.

“You wish you could do more.You have all this training,” said EMT Sharon McCarthy.

Even as this town faces the unthinkable of mourning 20 children and their 6 educators, 75 members of the Newtown Volunteer Ambulance face another crisis.

Now 90% of this group is going through counseling, even as they go about the business of responding to the 2,500 calls a year they get.

The letters of support, donations and food have come in from across the country and the globe.  But as health care workers, they are still focused on attending to other’s needs.