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This week, North Korea demonstrated its ability to deliver an intercontinental ballistic missile to the U.S. mainland, and its feared it has a small nuclear warhead as well. That prompted President Donald Trump to deliver a strong warning to Pyongyang that any such action against the United States would be met with “fire and fury.”

So are we heading for a military showdown? Marvin Scott is joined by Roane Carey, managing editor of “The Nation,” for political, historical and military analysis.

Plus, 40 years ago this week, the longest manhunt in New York City history came to an end. The man who called himself Son of Sam was finally in police custody. But before he could be caught, six people had been killed, seven wounded and the city had been shaken to its core by a reign of terror brought on by a madman.

David Berkowitz, now 64, remains behind bars. He has so far been denied parole and says he won’t seek it at his next hearing in 2018. Marvin Scott gets insight into the mind of a killer from forensic psychiatrist Sanam Hafeez.