BROOKLYN, N.Y. (PIX11) — In response to the growing migrant crisis, the City of New York is officially commandeering popular park recreation centers.

At least two have been partially taken over both at Sunset Park and McCarren Park in Williamsburg. Officials are warning these may be the first not the last.

All day long pallets of supplies were dropped off at the McCarren Park Play Center. With each one, Tabitha Acaba’s heart sank knowing her children’s after-school and summer activities may be in danger of being discontinued. She uses them for childcare, which enables her to work.

The pool part of the facility will remain open, but little else is known for sure, moving forward as the crisis deepens.

“They haven’t said whether they will keep being able to do it or not,” said Acaba. “But I got an email that it’s a potential we’re going to be using it for the migrants.”

A similar scene is playing out in Sunset Park where migrants were moved in Thursday evening.

City officials said they have been warning New Yorkers would begin to notice the strain of caring for more than 95,000 arriving migrants, more than 56,000 of which are still directly being housed by the city.

“Everything is on the table right now,” said Deputy Mayor Anne Williams-Isom. “Since we’ve been looking at sites, I think we’ve looked at 3,000 sites, some are appropriate, some are not appropriate. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we’d be here a year later with 100,000 people and no end in sight.”

Williams-Isom has been coordinating the emergency shelter effort for the Adams administration.

The Mayor’s office is also considering whether or not to revisit using giant tents on Randall’s Island. Tenting was put in a parking lot last summer, this time the recreation fields may be used for something more permanent.

Williams-Isom said at this point she’s not sure what the federal government is waiting for. She and other local leaders continue to demand expedited working papers, more money, and the use of federal facilities for housing.

“Everyone can see this is an emergency when you see people sleeping on the streets,” Isom added.

It should be noted that back in Williamsburg, not everyone was opposed to the use of the rec center. PIX11 News spoke with numerous people, many supportive of the plan.