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PIX11 News obtained video Friday showing the chaotic scene inside a Bronx classroom the same day 15-year-old Mathew McCree was stabbed to death in September.

“Clearly there was pandemonium in this classroom,” explained Sanford Rubinstein, the attorney for McCree’s estate.

McCree’s mother says she was sent the video by Facebook messenger this week after a conversation with one of the student eyewitnesses.

In the video, Abel Cedeno, the teen charged with McCree’s death is seen, “charging at the boys with the knife from the hallway. He ran into the classroom charged at my son. Stabbed my son and it was chaos,” according McCree’s mother Louna Dennis.

Attorney Rubenstein told PIX11, “this video has been turned over by us to the district attorneys office we believe they already have it.”

The attorney for Adel Cedeno, Robert Feldman, also provided PIX11 footage from the same day earlier in the week, apparently a shorter version of what was released today.

Feldman maintains his client acted in self defense, “our client Abel Sedeno is being accosted assaulted and beset by Mr. McCree.”