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MANHATTAN (PIX11) — There are some big plans for West 57th Street. However, this midtown thoroughfare will not be filled with office buildings, but sky-high residential towers.

“A wall of glass towers guarding Central Park and blocking out everybody else, I guess that’s where we are going,” New Yorker Tony Regno said.

One57, slated to be the city’s tallest residential tower when it opens next year, has already sold units worth tens of millions of dollars. It’s more than 1000 feet high and will soon have similar neighbors.

The plan for 217 West 57th street was just unveiled. The tall residential tower would rival One World Trade Center in height if you don’t count the spire. Nordstrom’s would take up the lower floors.

Add in the planned mega high-rise at 107 West 57th and it’s a trio of towers built for the very rich all along one strip.

While some are worried these exclusive buildings will cast shadows and block views, not everyone is unhappy.

“We’re building so it’s showing signs of promise. Our economy is growing… so I think it’s a good thing for everybody,” John Sonitis said.