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It’s the most elite club in the world.  Money can’t buy you membership; friends and influence are irrelevant.  Members of this club have documents that show they have lived at least 110 years; they are super-centenarians.  Estimates vary, but there are about 350 people world-wide who can lay claim to this appellation. Most of them live in the United States and Japan.

A new film about super-centenarians entitled “Walter” is now playing in New York and will soon be seen across the nation. After I saw the film, I discovered that the most recent oldest man in the world was a New Yorker, Salustino Sanchez-Bulasquez, before he died last month.  Meanwhile, I took PIX11 News correspondent Lisa Mateo to meet two sprightly locals – 102-year-old Rita Rosenthal of Inwood and 101 year-old Mildred McLearn, who lives in Bronxville.

Now you can experience two versions of the story I wrote and produced.  In the longer version, you’ll find that Rita and Mildred have some thought-provoking things to say about the state of the world.

Produced and written by Sam H. Shirakawa

Camera: Tony Mazzo

Editor: Mark De Gennaro