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HELLS KITCHEN, Manhattan — Five possible designs for the renovation of the Port Authority Bus Terminal have been unveiled.

Architectural firms are competing in the Design and Deliverability Competition for new ideas and design concepts for the Port Authority renovation, according to the competition’s website.

Five firms are finalists in the competition and their plans can be found on the competition site.

Here are the finalists and a quick look at the proposed designs they submitted:

The Arcadis of New York, Inc. firm submitted a renovation plan that highlights four themes: purposeful designs, certainty of results, encompassing vision and regional connectivity.

The plan adds thousands of feet of retail space as well as technological upgrades like digital information boards and renovations to existing passageways that will allow for greater pedestrian flow.

The Archilier Architecture Consortium proposed a plan which aims to weave together the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood with the Hudson Yard district into New York’s “Next Great Place”.

Complete with 400,000 square feet of retail space and a rooftop park, the environmentally sustainable plan features photolytic pre-cast concrete panels that capture airborne pollution and allow it to be harmlessly washed away in the rain, according to the proposal.

A plan from the Hudson Terminal Center Collaborative focuses on renovating the underground portions below Port Authority and nearby Port Authority parcels that are currently occupied by bus and private auto ramps, according to the proposal.

The plan actually renames the entire facility as the Hudson Terminal Center and aims to “reconnect the Midtown West fabric” by adding a mixed-use development and reconfiguring terminals and allowing easier access to public transit.

Pelli Clark Pelli Architects‘ plan renames the terminal Times Square West with a new Transit Center featuring a state-of-the art bus terminal that will connect to the adjacent 7 train stop. The renovation aims to improve the experience primarily for commuters from New Jersey with the addition of eco-friendly shuttle buses that will handle passenger flow more efficiently to and from the terminal.

The Perkins Eastman firm aims to improve all facets of the experience at Port Authority by adding more retail and dining options, inviting waiting areas and convenient pedestrian connections, according to the proposal.

The plan also aims to “reestablish neighborhood streets as just that,” by ensuring that street-level traffic is used by small vehicles and commercial traffic.