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NEW YORK — SantaCon, the annual celebration of dressing up as Santa and drinking your way around the city, is Saturday — but a new social media campaign wants you to sit it out.

SantaCon is a bar crawl where people dress up as Santa Claus during the holidays — but has lately gained a bad reputation for public drunken antics.

The campaign is called #SitOutSantaCon, a creation of advertising agency Diassimo Goldstein, is to raise awareness about SantaCon’s impact on the youngest New Yorkers.

Mark Dimassio, the company’s CEO, wants to raise awareness about Santacon’s impact on the youngest New Yorkers.

“They are befouling property, they are doing things that kids shouldn’t see, and they’re doing it dressed up as Santa,” said CEO Mark Dimassio.

Organizers of SantaCon NYC said they will be working with the New York City Police Department to ensure the event remains enjoyable this year for participants and local residents.