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Caring for NYC Parks is big and dirty job. After a weekend of summer fun, NYC Parks Department crews pick up an estimated 120 tons of litter and garbage.

After a recent number of improvement projects in parks across the borough, the city and neighbors want to keep things looking nice.

At Queensbridge Park along Vernon Boulevard in the shadow of the Queensboro Bridge, a new nearly $ 7-million dollar riverwalk project has just opened.

It not only enlarges the size of the park, it prevents more of it from falling into the East River. For 15 years, the seawall was deteriorating.

Neighbors are proud of the area and it has become a draw for the surrounding community. Coucilmember Jimmy Van Bramer, who has supported the park project since he was elected, calls it an “undiscovered jem.”

NYC Parks is also working on an improvement project at the seawall along MacNeil Park in College Point, Queens.

After 15 years of neglect, the riverwalk in Queensbridge Park is open. Neighbors are keeping an eye on it to keep it beautiful.