Need a toilet quick? Order one from first ever on-demand bathroom service

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NEW YORK — For many, trying to locate a clean and decent bathroom in New York City is a near-impossible task.

However, in a world where just about anything is delivered on-demand, you can now add “bathroom” to the list.

Charmin rolled out its Van-Go service Thursday – the first-ever on-demand mobile bathroom service.

It’s pretty much like Uber for bathrooms.

“You can get anything on-demand at this point, why not a bathroom,” David Mullaly, Charmin Brand Manager, told PIX11 News. “Charmin is all about bathroom experiences so as long as you have a phone you can request a Charmin Van-go and they will come to you.”

Charmin’s Van-Go’s popped up in several neighborhoods across the city for a 2-day trial run, bringing much needed relief to those on the run.

The bathrooms arrive equipped with a fully functioning sink, a flat screen for viewing, some reading material if that’s more your flow and of course a clean toilet.

A service that comes to you with just a few clicks and swipes on your mobile device.

While the Van-Go’s were a hit with many, even prompting a few selfies, unfortunately the service is just part of a pilot program and isn’t here to stay.

Until a service like this becomes reality, there are a number of apps on the market that can help you find a clean and free restroom to handle your business.

Here are some of them: [SOURCE: EverydayHealth] 

1. SitOrSquat
Perfect for anyone living with Crohn’s disease, the SitOrSquat app by the maker of Charmin toilet paper is available both for Android devices and iPhones, iPads, and the iPod touch (requires iOS 4.3 or later). This free bathroom locator allows you to view public restrooms near your location on a map or in a list. Clean bathrooms are awarded a “sit” designation, and not-so-clean facilities are given a “squat” label. You can also leave your own reviews or add new toilet locations. This app currently has more than 100,000 bathroom locations in its database.

2. Where to Wee
Where to Wee is another free bathroom locator app that can take the guesswork out of making a pit stop. It’s also available for Android and Apple devices (requires iOS 4.3 or later). If you’re stuck in an endless line at the ladies room in the middle of a Crohn’s disease flare-up, Where to Wee can find you another option close by. This app also rates cleanliness using commode icons: Gray is unrated, green is clean, yellow is not-so-much, and red is out-and-out “yuk!” You can even follow “Where to Wee” on Twitter.

3. Flush
When Crohn’s disease symptoms flare, you don’t want to waste precious seconds asking people where the closest restroom is. Instead, download the info onto your phone with the free public toilet finder app, Flush. The app is available for iPhone and iPad (requires iOS 8.0 or later) as well as Android devices, and provides an instant map of all available bathrooms in your area. Flush has nearly 200,000 bathrooms in its database, and offers additional information on each, including whether or not it’s handicap accessible and if you need a key to use it. It even allows you to search for a bathroom without an internet connection — what a relief.

4. Bathroom Scout
You may want to give the Bathroom Scout a merit badge if it saves you during a Crohn’s disease flare-up. This app provides the locations for about 1.3 million restrooms worldwide, including public bathrooms and those in restaurants and other facilities, and is available for both Apple (requires iOS 4.3 or later) and Android devices. Turn-by-turn navigation can lead you directly to blessed relief. If imagery is available for street view, Bathroom Scout can also show you the location around the bathroom, providing added peace of mind.

5. Fake Shower
So you’ve found a clean bathroom using one of the apps above. Congratulations! Now, your problem is embarrassing “bathroom noises” that anyone waiting on the other side of the door can hear. In the past, you might have cranked up the faucet to drown out this unpleasant Crohn’s disease symphony. Now, an app called Fake Shower can create the sound of a shower or the tap for you, without the waste of water. “Fake Shower” is available for iPhone and other Apple devices, and a similar app called Fake a Shower is available for Android.

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