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NEW YORK (WWTI) — The night of candy, costumes, horror films, haunted houses, parties and more is just around the corner. Halloween is filled with spooky and fun ways to celebrate, but all of the activities have a cost.

According to the personal-finance website WalletHub, the average United States household is expected to spend $102.74 on Halloween expenses, from decorations to treats to costumes. Collectively, that’s about $10.1 billion across the US.

WalletHub compared the 100 largest U.S. cities to help individuals decide the best place to spend the holiday without scaring their wallets. The study’s key metrics focused on 21 different areas ranging from the number of costume stores in the area to the average price per Halloween party ticket to potential trick-or-treat stops.

The study revealed that New York City was the best city to spend Halloween in the United States with a score of 68.09%. Los Angeles, California followed in second with a score of 62.08%, and Las Vegas, Nevada came in third with a score of 61.89%. The three cities that were ranked at the bottom of the list were Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Memphis, Tennessee, and Birmingham, Alabama. The rest of the rankings are listed in the chart below.

Overall Rank CityTotal Score Trick-or-Treater-Friendliness Halloween Fun Halloween Weather 
1New York, NY68.092472
2Los Angeles, CA62.082059
3Las Vegas, NV61.895029
4Miami, FL61.279856
5San Francisco, CA60.8972331
6Boston, MA60.1764453
7San Diego, CA59.6744328
8Santa Ana, CA59.6437427
9San Jose, CA59.44101336
10Orlando, FL58.9587132
11Anaheim, CA58.77132530
12Hialeah, FL58.7147835
13Laredo, TX58.5959726
14Jersey City, NJ57.9119278
15Gilbert, AZ55.97125317
16Long Beach, CA54.49145017
17Chicago, IL54.32161776
18Irvine, CA54.1411849
19Chula Vista, CA53.8527359
20Denver, CO53.0236304
21El Paso, TX53.0023469
22Sacramento, CA52.82411158
23Minneapolis, MN52.79252863
24Tampa, FL52.7061942
25Fremont, CA52.29177536
26St. Paul, MN51.84196663
27Colorado Springs, CO51.6757361
28Portland, OR51.13372066
29San Antonio, TX51.11631044
30Fresno, CA50.4638587
31Reno, NV50.45561655
32Austin, TX50.43551948
33Seattle, WA50.37223189
34Philadelphia, PA50.14156267
35Newark, NJ50.12810085
36Plano, TX50.11218951
37Buffalo, NY50.11244272
38North Las Vegas, NV50.1135989
39Madison, WI50.00268051
40Honolulu, HI49.99602242
41Chandler, AZ49.85327328
42Oakland, CA49.72306836
43Cincinnati, OH49.5562691
44Riverside, CA49.50543817
45Omaha, NE49.30335748
46Garland, TX48.99298839
47Irving, TX48.93319039
48Mesa, AZ48.89436317
49Lincoln, NE48.83289154
50Tucson, AZ48.8284142
51Bakersfield, CA48.74662617
52Fort Worth, TX48.51456039
53Arlington, TX48.45406945
54Washington, DC48.16187197
55Scottsdale, AZ48.09821217
56Houston, TX47.9670293
57Dallas, TX47.60593245
58Aurora, CO46.9846934
59Pittsburgh, PA46.58522780
60Glendale, AZ46.47537217
61Raleigh, NC46.23425571
62Virginia Beach, VA46.19493769
63Phoenix, AZ45.9865499
64Boise, ID45.90398659
65Henderson, NV45.22489617
66Milwaukee, WI44.47348192
67Lexington-Fayette, KY44.30514594
68Corpus Christi, TX44.02688216
69St. Petersburg, FL43.88804333
70San Bernardino, CA43.73777617
71Indianapolis, IN43.50782483
72Oklahoma City, OK43.42744057
73New Orleans, LA43.15831877
74Columbus, OH42.88476796
75Louisville, KY42.48792199
76Charlotte, NC42.13694179
77Wichita, KS41.85864745
78Fort Wayne, IN41.83587087
79Stockton, CA41.19717962
80Jacksonville, FL41.07895133
81Albuquerque, NM40.9996336
82Cleveland, OH40.74733990
82Toledo, OH40.74648380
84St. Louis, MO40.66971550
85Baltimore, MD40.21755980
86Lubbock, TX39.9192877
87Tulsa, OK39.77905660
88Norfolk, VA39.26727784
89Atlanta, GA38.8498775
90Greensboro, NC38.50815493
91Durham, NC38.13679474
92Kansas City, MO37.47936560
93Chesapeake, VA36.69888570
94Anchorage, AK36.21859568
95Nashville, TN35.859152100
96Detroit, MI35.65944898
97Baton Rouge, LA35.30956186
98Winston-Salem, NC34.47769995
99Memphis, TN31.10996465
100Birmingham, AL30.431003488

Another WalletHub study analyzed Halloween from all angles and revealed several facts about the holiday. According to WalletHub, 66% of Americans plan to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, and 79% of parents admit to stealing candy from their kids.

They also discovered that 82% of Americans are confident they will find safe and creative ways to celebrate the Halloween season, despite the pandemic. More of the fun facts about the spooky holiday can be found on the WalletHub website.