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There is that saying to ‘never doubt a mother’s intuition,’ right?

Well, this story is sure to make your stomach turn.   One Staten Island mother suspected her nanny, Mamura Nasirova, wasn’t caring for her kids as well as she should have.    The mother went out and bought a hidden camera and installed it inside a carbon monoxide detector.

The results were horrifying.

The camera caught Nasirova shaking and slapping a five-month old girl in the face multiple times while the babies 17-month old brother watched on.

The madness didn’t stop there.  When Nasirova tried to feed the baby a bottle, and the baby refused, she punched the baby in the legs multiple times.

The mother watched all of this unfold live on her iPad from right across the street.   She ran back home to save her children from the fury, while waiting for police to arrive and arrest Nasirova.

The video and account was posted on a Russian parenting website under the nanny black list section – however, it doesn’t look like Nasirova will be anywhere near children anytime soon.

Nasirova was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child and resisting arrest.  She is now being held at Riker’s Island on a thousand dollar bail.

The power of the nanny cam.