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NEW YORK CITY (PIX11) — At the December Transit Committee meeting, MTA staff announced another milestone — one that riders know all too well.

Daily ridership on the subways exceeded 6 million riders on seven separate days in October. The new system daily average is 5.9 million rides on the subway.

On seven different days in October, ridership exceeded 6 million. That’s more often than in September.

MTA also presented a report on what is causing delays. Transit staff analyzed data and statistics and found that more work and inspections have been contributing to delays.

The L line, which is the only one in the system that is automated with Computer-Based Train Control (CBTC), may benefit from $300 million in federal transit money. The MTA is requesting it from the federal government for specific projects designed to improve access to transportation.

Work on the CBTC project continues along the 7 line. It is set to be done in 2 years and then begin along the Queens Boulevard line.

CBTC allows for more trains to run on a line.

The agency is completing line reviews of the A and C lines. Previously, reviews of the L, G, and F led to increased service.

The upcoming 2015-2019 Capital Plan would invest $32 billion around the system. It is half funded.