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UPPER WEST SIDE, Manhattan — Two classically trained musicians who have played around the world are now bringing their music to an unlikely audience — babies and toddlers.

We joined Mozart for Munchkins at the Goddard Riverside’s Bernie Wohl Center.

The program was started by Sara Sherman and Hilary Castle, two classically trained musicians who decided to make a career change after becoming moms.

The pivotal moment?

Sherman, who was playing with the Chelsea Symphony, invited her friends and kids to come hear her play but many canceled because they were nervous their kids would disrupt the program.

She called her friend Castle and the two brainstormed a program for parents and kids to be able to enjoy the highest caliber classical music.

“We have kids concerts and we let them crawl on the floor, let them cry maybe they don’t like Bach, but they’ll like Debussy.”

They also break the barrier between the performer and the audience. They let the kids come up and touch the piano and violin while they’re playing, there are no restrictions.

Sarah Unseth, a mom of twins, is a regular at these performances. “It engages them to develop early love of music. They get to crawl around, be very playful. It brings them a lot of happiness and joy.”

You can participate in a Mozart for Munchkins in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

The ladies are also headed to San Francisco and hope to expand their program nationwide.

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