CHELSEA, Manhattan (PIX11) — Fearless and cooking with fire — Zaytinya shakes up the traditional flavors of the Mediterranean region, from Turkish to Greek, to Lebanese. 

They are elevated by the artful hand of worldwide culinary master José Andrés and executed by his French chef Joris Larigaldie. The Garden District serves as a backdrop for this new Ritz-Carlton arrival on the NoMad block. 

Eggs are prominent in the restaurant’s array of offerings. The El Camino has a base of cooked egg whites on top of Lebanese strained yogurt. The yolks are delicately cooked and added on top.

Luxurious caviar dots the flavorful omelets alongside another crispy Spanish treat, migas, made of the thinnest sliced and fried bread artfully arranged with a tweezer.

“It’s about offering a breakfast experience, we offer something elevated and completely new,” Andrés said.

Brunch is not complete without a sweet finish. Zaytinya offers an unforgettable take on French toast, caramelized on the outside and other-worldly creamy on the inside.