NEW YORK (PIX11) — He sees (and talks to) dead people. 

Matt Fraser, a psychic medium from Rhode Island, joined PIX11 News Monday morning to explain how he communicates with the dead.

“I grew up seeing and hearing the departed,” Fraser said of the ability he observed from an early age. “I never knew I was a psychic or a medium. I just thought the house was haunted.”

He said that the souls he talked to did not mean to haunt people, but rather to help them.

“They were just using me because they knew I had a way to communicate with them,” Fraser said.

Fraser said that communication with the dead comes in many forms, such as psychic dreams, signs and even pets — every medium is different. For Fraser, his “heightened sense in medium-ship” allows him to see the dead in shadows and silhouettes behind living people.

After PIX11’s Dan Mannarino asked if any souls are behind him, Fraser swiftly responded that his grandfather is there and saw him in a military uniform. 

“Please let your dad know that I love and care for him so much and I wish that I’ve gotten to tell him,” Fraser said, relaying the words of Mannarino’s grandfather.

Fraser will give live readings at an event in New York City as part of his tour. It will be held on April 30 at Palladium Times Square. Tickets are available on Fraser’s website.

Watch the video player above for the full interview.