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Watch with Dan is our PIX11 documentary club. Each month, PIX11 anchor Dan Mannarino chooses several documentaries for viewers to watch at home. Then the club comes together virtually to discuss the films.

Here are the three picks for the month of November: “Changing the Game,” “Class Divide” and “The Last Blockbuster.”

1. “Changing the Game”

Journey into the lives of 3 high school athletes at different stages of their athletic seasons, personal lives and their unique paths as transgender teens. This documentary follows them as they fight for their right to play and face public scrutiny with conviction and courage. You can watch this pick on Hulu.

2. “Class Divide”

This is a timely look at local inequalities and the effects of hyper-gentrification in West Chelsea, specifically through the eyes of young people in the community as they try to navigate their rapidly changing landscape. This documentary was recommended for the group to watch by club member Shalik. You can watch it on HBO.

3. “The Last Blockbuster”

Get ready to take a trip down memory lane! This documentary shares the real story of Blockbuster Video’s demise, and how one last location in Oregon struggles to keep the memory alive. You can watch this pick on Netflix.

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