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1. State sales taxes – unfortunately though you have to have your receipts! Yikes. Well start saving your receipts for this year.

2. Out-of-pocket charitable contributions – Like ingredients for donated food. Worth of old clothes items.

3. Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit – They’d upped it to 6K this year, more than ever!

4. Medical and Dental Expenses – don’t forget to add in your co-pays! You might even be able to take your gym membership off if your doctor signs off on it.

5. Job search costs. Parking, tolls, resume help, printing, gas to get to an interview and anything else related to a job search!

Plus, The Annoying Items We Wish We Could Deduct But Cant
1. Dry Cleaning your work clothes. Sorry, no go.
2. Donations to Non-Qualifying Charities, like friends and family.
3. Pet Care Expenses
4. Commuting Expenses
5. The Loss on the Sale of your home
6. Home Improvement Expenses