NEW YORK (PIX11) — Explore inside The House of Cannabis (THC NYC), a new interactive museum, and discover the past, present, and future of cannabis culture.

The House of Cannabis promises a “multi-sensory journey into the sights, scents, sounds, sensations, and stories of cannabis,” according to their website. The space is the first of its kind, located in the heart of SoHo, spanning five floors inside a historic New York City building.

The museum has ten immersive exhibitions that touch on the many facets of cannabis as well as its impact on music, art, and fashion. Guests can expect the first-ever living urban grow, an intimate look at the ramifications of The War on Drugs through personal testimony, a 10-minute LED-wrapped psychedelic journey, and more.

The space also includes a gathering space with community events, a cafe, a corner store, live glassblowing and a curated assortment of marijuana-inspired lifestyle products, according to the website.

While the museum takes a deep dive into the history of weed and celebrates it, the organizers do ask guests that no selling, smoking, or partaking of cannabis products take place on the premises.

The House of Cannabis Opens on April 7. Tickets can be purchased here.