New York (PIX11) Actress and dancer Grace Caroline Currey is back with another treat for fans to enjoy. This time it’s the comedy ‘Most Guys Are Losers’ which is based on a dating book by Mark Berzins. Mark, a father with daughters, has seen it all when it comes to guys. He’s a pub owner who has crossed paths with a lot of male patrons at his bars. He wrote the book to educate people on who to date and how to find a winner.

Grace’s character ‘Sandy’ believes she has the perfect guy in ‘Bo’ and he checks off everything on the list for a good partner. Her father, who is a bar owner, thinks otherwise because he has seen relationships like this play out over time. The story leads to awkward misunderstandings, spilled secrets, and heartwarming moments. Grace shares how the movie shows what happens when someone can be judgmental. When it comes to dating, she believes it is important to test out the person you’re dating to see if they are the one.

‘Most Guys Are Losers’ is available on Video On Demand and digital platforms

Grace will also be returning to the DC Universe in ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ on March 17, 2023.