NEW YORK (PIX11) —  The play “Take Me Out” is back on Broadway with a new team of players who are in a league of their own.

PIX11’s Craig Treadway caught up with one of the stars of the show who has just been nominated for an Outer Critics Circle Award. Patrick Adams, known for his role as Mike Ross in “Suits,” took a swing at Broadway and hit a home run.

The actor said he has done a lot of theater but never had an experience like this. Adams plays Kippy Sunderstrom, the narrator in the insightful and engaging revival of “Take Me Out.”

It’s a play that tackles the unspoken prejudices of America’s favorite pastime when the team’s bi-racial star player comes out as gay. Adams said it is a big responsibility to be the person who exists in both worlds, creating a relationship with a live audience while also dipping into the fabric of the story.

Richard Greenberg wrote the script 20 years ago, yet the themes are still relevant, perhaps even more so in the current political playing field.   

Adams believes, like any incredible piece of art, it just becomes more relevant with age. The play is about humanity, masculinity, bias and identity — issues that we will continue to wrestle with for decades to come.

Playing alongside Adams are Jesse Williams and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. All three have starred in successful TV shows and have the unique experience of having a lot of time on a set. Adams said he is very grateful for this experience.

As for having a favorite baseball team, he said not at all and joked about having to ask Williams how to swing a bat. He said growing up he was more of a theater kid.

And if you haven’t already heard, there are no phones allowed in the theater. They take phones away because there is nudity in the play. 

Adams said he is the last person that wants to be naked in front of 500 strangers every night, but his love of the words, so far, has trumped the terror.

Adams hopes audiences will walk away with more questions than answers. As for the play’s message, he said it is about acceptance, about being aware of our own biases and taking responsibility for them or we can end up in disastrous situations.

The second stage production of “Take Me Out” is playing at the Hayes Theater through June 11. For more information, click here.