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Check out these tailgating tips with Chef Eric LeVine:


When grilling at a tailgate, have fun with your grill choice. Charcoal is a great alternative to gas, just make sure the coals completely cool off before throwing them out.

If you forgot your grill brush, crumple heavy-duty aluminum foil into a ball, then use your tongs to clean between the grates.

Flip your meats only once. This will allow it to develop grill marks and prevents it from sticking to the grates.


Veggies, hot dogs, and seafood take less than 20 mins to cook, so use direct heat. For steaks and thicker cuts of meat, use indirect heat.

Make your own burger patty instead of buying frozen ones.

Season your meat with some salt and pepper and cook to a medium-rare temperature.

Wait 2-3 minutes before taking a bite to allow the natural juices to redistribute.

Be gentle when rubbing your meats with seasonings. If you’re too harsh you can over-season or worse damage the meat fibers and texture of your meats.

Never grill cold meat — let it come to room temperate first.