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(PIX11) — Football season is officially starting tomorrow and we want to tailgate in style.  To show us some cool items – everything from grilling to gear to gadgets, is Limor Suss, from

1) Grilling

All-terrain grill $399.99 at
2)  Portable Pizza Maker

Pizzeria Pronto $299.95

2) Drinks & Food!

Hail Marys  – Sometimes Sunday morning are tough if you’ve been out the night before.  Or, you might just want to have something other than beer.  Use a football shaker to make mixed drinks.

Make  “Hail Marys” – just use some UV Sriracha Vodka your favorite bloody Mary Mix, and you’re good to go!

3)  Beer: The craft beer movement is taking over, so you want to elevate your tailgate beers, but since craft beer is usually high percentage, you’ll need a beer that can last you all day.

Founders All Day IPA cans 
4)  Wine: Carrying a bottle of wine to a tailgate can be annoying, get some single serve wine

5)  Eventhough you’re outside, you want to have some cute portable gear to serve food in.  Serve Popchips in the helmet for a healthier alternative.  Also, have some ‘themed’ desserts like football chocolate covered strawberries.

Football Chip Helmet $49.99  

6)  Make sure to be safe! Bring a first aid kit or these urgentrx single serve packs! Fast acting powders so everyday ailments don’t get in the way of watching the game! 

7)  Show your team colors with football gear: