NEW YORK (PIX11) – The man who shot 10 people on an N train at the height of morning rush hour in April 2022 is set to be sentenced Thursday.

Frank James, 64, pleaded guilty to terrorism charges in connection with the shooting. Prosecutors are seeking 10 consecutive life sentences, arguing that James planned the shooting for years to “inflict maximum damage.”

All 10 shooting victims survived the attack. James’ attorneys are asking for a reduced sentence of 18 years, arguing that killing wasn’t his intent, he suffers from mental illness and suffered an abusive childhood in the Bronx.

James disguised himself as a construction worker, officials said, and waited until the train was between stations in Sunset Park to open fire and set off smoke bombs. He vanished amid the chaos before being caught in the East Village following a 30-hour search.

Prosecutors argued that after shooting 32 bullets, James’ gun jammed, which is why he stopped firing.

James has been refusing to leave his jail cell, and the judge in his case said U.S. Marshals should use all the necessary force to get him to sentencing.