New York (PIX11) Learning does not have to stop for children once they leave the classroom. Parents can keep it going by introducing STEM toys into their everyday play. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Laurie Schacht, chief toy officer at The Toy Insider, return to PIX11 with a few fun and educations toys for kids.

● Young astronomers can focus on the Moon at night or
nature during the day.
● They’ll be amazed at what they can see with up to
110x zoom on this real telescope.
● Activate 100+ amazing videos and images, courtesy of
NASA and the European Space Agency that deepen space
knowledge by exploring the solar system, the Moon, star life
cycles, constellations, space discoveries and more.
● Looking at something amazing? Capture and save
pictures of what you see.
● Ages: 5+
● MSRP: $99.99
● Available: Amazon, Target


● Kids can discover the animal kingdom, the world
of dinosaurs, or the depths of the ocean like never
before with these sets that each include a 96-page DK
book from Penguin Random House, featuring hundreds
of animals, dinosaurs, and sea creatures.
● Kids can use the included VR goggles to activate
over 40 virtual reality experiences.
● They will discover habitats, eating and mating
behaviors, hunting strategies, and even the conservation
and rescue efforts that protect these lovable creatures.
● Ages: 8+
● MSRP: $59.99
● Available: Amazon,

● This entry level SNAP FM RADIO STEM kit provides
hands-on learning through building kids’ very own FM radio.
● Kids today don’t have many everyday opportunities
to learn about electronics and hand build their own
electronic machine; the SNAP FM Radio design offers four
unique projects that allow kids to build their own FM Radio,
understand radio waves, and learn about amplifiers.
● Through building a simple circuit and understanding its components, SNAP FM Radio provides a
valuable and practical STEM toy experience for all kids to enjoy.
● Ages: 8+
● MSRP: $19.99
● Available: Amazon

● PYXEL A Coder’s Best Friend is a hands-on coding pet that helps
kids eight and up learn to code, unleashing their STEM confidence no
matter where they are on their coding journey.
● Unbox PYXEL and immediately start coding the newest,
smartest breed of pets to perform different tricks, sounds, and
emotions with two of the most important coding languages: Blockly and
Python – the same Space X uses!
● Activate the code on your computer or use the Code Activator
to load & activate codes from anywhere.
● Ages: 8+
● MSRP: $124.99
● Available: Amazon, Walmart, Target,

● These kits feature scientific themes that can teach kids more about
certain science topics.
● Kids can bring the nighttime sky into their room with the
Planetarium Projector.
● Just aim the projector at a light-colored wall or ceiling, and project
a rotating star pattern of the northern sky.
● Includes three disks that also feature 24 high-definition space
images that kids can project alongside the stars: planets, nebulae, moons,
asteroids, and other celestial bodies, as well as a satellite, space station,
astronaut, space shuttle and more.
● Kids can project more than 50 different image combinations.
● Ages: 8+
● MSRP: $29.99
● Available: Target

● Build two boxing robots that are powered by hydraulics!
● Learn about the physics, design, and components of
hydraulic (water-powered) mechanisms, including gears,
cylinders, and pistons.
● Kit includes the parts to build two boxing bots plus a
scoreboard so that you can challenge a friend to a hydraulic
robot battle.
● Introduces important physics and engineering lessons
through a fun, hands-on building project with a big punch!
● Ages: 10+ with help, 12+ “I got this!”
● MSRP: $49.95
● Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble