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Whether you’re a rock star, or the man closest to God, somehow it all ends up being about the merch — the merchandise. Swag. Silly stuff that gets sold around “events.”

Of course we are anticipating T-shirts and whatnot being hawked all over Philly and New York when the Pontiff visits next week. But what about the really weird stuff? We decided to track that down, too!

First up, we know Pope Francis is inspiring people in many ways with his message of “spread the love.”

Check out what a priest with mad Lego skills has built: The Vatican — out of those itsy bitsy infuriatingly small plastic bricks.  Rev. Bob Simon from Scranton painstakingly spent 10 months on the incredible creation. But anyone who’s seen the Vatican in person or in pictures will be saying hey — how come I didn’t think of that?

Fun fact: apparently Lego makes the zucchetto, the skullcap Pope Francis wears. No word on whether they’ve got a papal mitre in any of their sets; bet they’re working on it now.

And not to be outdone by plastic, cardboard is taking the likeness of Pope Francis as well. Don’t know why all of this is coming out of Philly instead of NYC, but some pizza boxes are already emblazoned with the papal likeness in front of the Philly skyline.

So far, only the Garlic Knot Pozzeria in Freeland, Pa. has the special to-go box. The owner Bonnie says the tribute ends with the boxes though — no Pope discounts when his holiness rolls through town.