Palm oil and the recent Nutella controversy

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It’s an ingredient that can be found in everything from food to cleaning products and recently it made headlines over possibly causing cancer. We’re talking about Palm Oil, and uncovering the good, the bad and the ugly truth about palm oil with the help of health and wellness expert, Candy Calderon.

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Given the recent news about the possible health dangers of Palm Oil in Nutella.

Point 1: Recent claims of carcirogenic potential of palm oil in Nutella
• Palm oil is recently in hot water after the FDA & European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have warned of potential carcirogenic contaminants in several food products, including Nutella.

• PROS: Palm oil has been used for ages in food preparation. The oil, is very popular in processed foods because it is free of artery-clogging trans fats and rich in natural antioxidants, including vitamins A and E.
• CONS: Like many natural substances, palm oil does have its drawbacks, some of which might pose serious health risks like its large amounts of saturated fat (which leads to cholesterol problems) and makes it a risky choice for cardiovascular health.
• When processed at certain temperatures it is potentially carcirogenic and highly toxic to our bodies. Accumulated toxins will lead to several chronic diseases.

Point 2: FDA involvement
• FDA has had this in its radar for a long time. I’ve been reading reports as early as 2013 but it seems we needed a scandal with a beloved product like Nutella to bring it back to the news. It also doesn’t help that consumers are becoming more and more awake in subjects related to their health. They are taking to social medial and putting more pressure to companies to be transparent and come forward with their ingredients and their harmful repercussions.

Point 3: Products with palm oil in it, which we can absorb through our skin
• We use palm oil and its derivatives every single day in our household and skin care products multiple times a day, and sometimes we’re not even aware. It’s used in:
• Hand soap: The bubbles produced when we wash our hands with a bar of soap is actually a result of palm oil (Example: Dove)
• Toothpaste: Similar to the lather of soap, the foam produced when you brush your teeth with toothpaste is from the palm oil derivative sodium lauryl sulfate. (Example: Colgate)
• Cosmetics: Palm oil acts as a natural emulsifier that prevents the separation of oil and water in moisturizers and cosmetic products such as foundation, lipstick, and mascara. (Example: Dove)
• Shampoos: Very similar to toothpaste and soaps. A majority of shampoos also contain palm oil as a moisturizer (Example: Head & Shoulders)
• Detergents: Manufacturers use palm oil, commonly labeled as sodium sulfate, to create a uniform density in the detergent (Example: Tide)
• Margarine: Palm oil is solid at room temperature and naturally free of trans fats, making it a common ingredient in margarine. (Example: Almost all margarines contain palm oil!)

Point 4: What can we do about it
• Start reading labels and committing to purchasing products only ethically sourced. They are out there, we just need to be more curious and mindful.
• Do your due-diligence finding out which companies use it in their products and which doesn’t. Always support companies that doesn’t.
• Use palm oil substitutes such as coconut oil, rapeseed or jojoba.

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