NEW YORK (PIX11) – Gov. Kathy Hochul held a COVID-19 briefing Wednesday as updated vaccines are made available to the public.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are recommending virtually everyone get the booster as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are on the rise across the U.S.

The Pfizer and Moderna shots have been updated to fight against the newest strains of the virus. Pfizer will be charging $120 per dose and Moderna’s will cost $129, but most Americans can still get the vaccine for free since private insurance must cover all CDC-recommended vaccines per the Affordable Care Act.

The shot will also be free at some local health centers.

Everyone age 5 and older is eligible for the new COVID-19 vaccine. Children under the age of 5 can also receive the vaccine, but may need more than one dose.

Lawmakers are calling on COVID-19 shot manufacturers to potentially create a vaccine with longer-lasting protection and to do more research on long COVID-19.

Sandra Lindsay, a nurse who received the first COVID-19 vaccine in December 2020, said she’ll be getting an updated Pfizer booster.