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Michaela Jaé Rodriguez is an actress, a singer, a role model… and she has “Something to Say.”

The New Jersey native has been busy recently, starring in the groundbreaking FX series “Pose” and launching a music career. But that’s just the beginning.

“We put our little foot up in there! You know how they said back in the day, ‘You cook some food, you put your foot up in it’? We put our foot up in it,” Rodriguez said about the final season of “Pose,” which wrapped earlier in June.

In a recent interview with PIX11’s Dan Mannarino, Rodriguez reflected on how “Pose” was influential in changing the way the transgender community is presented on screen in movies and television.

“I think a show like “Pose” was, at the time, four years ago, one of the most heightened and hugest shows to come out to showcase and shine a light on trans women of color in a totally different way than what the stigma would be… I do think it’s changing tremendously, and “Pose” was the forefront of doing that.”

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While a door is closing for Rodriguez with the end of “Pose,” another door is opening. She recently debuted her first single, “Something to Say.” And fans are loving it.

So what’s the meaning behind the song?

“To let people know that we’re more common than we realize, To let people understand that we have something to speak about and we can do it collectively as a group: black, brown, yellow, white, love tonight… that’s one of the lyrics of the song. It’s literally a testament to what we can do as a human race. The last thing is to get our bodies up! We’ve been in the pandemic for a long time. It’s starting to release a bit. I just did my first performance and just to see people out in the crowd and just enjoying again, makes you want to keep doing it.”

Rodriguez said she has an EP in the works. She also gave us exclusive details on the new comedy series she’s working on with Apple TV and Maya Rudolph.

“This amazing new show we’re going to start working on in September is called “Loot,” and I’ll be playing opposite of Ms. Maya Rudolph, the legend, the icon. She’s been turning it for years. I’m playing this character named Sophia who’s a boss, an executive of this firm, this management company, and Maya Rudolph plays this wealthy woman who’s hilarious and a bit all over the place after what she’s gone through with her husband. She meets Sophia at this management company and they just… the connection, the chemistry in the writing, is amazing and I can’t wait until people see it and what we have to offer. It’s gonna be dope.”

You can learn more about Rodriguez and her current projects by watching her full interview with Dan Mannarino above.