NEW YORK (PIX11)– Swimmers worried about shark attacks are more likely to get in a car accident than have an unpleasant encounter with the sea creatures, according to experts.

Some folks were concerned about getting in the water after a lifeguard was attacked by a shark at Smith Point Beach on Long Island Sunday. The lifeguard was doing a training exercise when he was bit on the hand and chest, officials said.

“The sharks are there, but chances are you’re going to get in an accident before you even get to the beach,” said Chris Paparo, Manager of the Marine Science Center at Stony Brook-Southampton.

Some shark species have been regularly spotted around New York waters, but climate change has brought other species to the area, Paparo said. The expert noted sharks are not always found in deep waters, and some can be found at just 30 feet.

“Many species can be found close to shore,” Paparo said.