New York (PIX11) ‘The Black Widow’ Jeanette Lee was a pioneer and a game changer for billiards. In a new documentary, she explains how having scoliosis at the age of 12 and multiple surgeries led her to playing the sport that would make her famous.

Jeanette first started playing pool in NYC during the 90s and instantly fell in love with it. She noticed all the great players and hustling that went on at the pool hall. Lee didn’t think about making it a career until she started beating people especially the men. She got her name ‘The Black Widow’ by luring her opponents to her table and ‘eating them alive’.

ESPN will release a ’30 For 30′ episode on her ‘Jeanette Lee Vs’ on December 13th at 8pm. Jeanette will also make a special in-person appearance at Amsterdam Billiards on Friday, December 9 from 6 – 8pm with all funds going to charity.