New York (PIX11) Love is in the air ‘At Midnight’ which also happens to be the title of a new romantic comedy on Paramount+. The feel-good flick stars Monica Barbaro, known for ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ and Diego Bonita, most recently from ‘Father of the Bride.’

The story centers around Barbaro’s character ‘Sophie’ who is an actress working on a superhero franchise in Mexico. At the same time, she’s going through a breakup. She eventually meets a hotel manager ‘Alejandro,’ played by Boneta, and the sparks ignite something between them. The two start sneaking away and spending time at midnight — hence the title.

Diego serves as the producer of the movie as well. He enjoyed working with Monica and speaks highly of her dancing ability. In making the film, Diego wanted to showcase the beauty of Mexico.

‘At Midnight’ is available on Paramount+.