NEW YORK (PIX11) Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights, kicks off December 18th. Jews around the world commemorate a 2000-year celebration of the victory of the Jewish people over the mighty Greek army, that forced the Jewish people to assimilate and hide their religion. They also celebrate the miracle of finding a small jug of oil in the destroyed Holy Temple that was meant to last one day, but lasted for 8 miraculous lights.

To celebrate the 8-day holiday, we’ve brought back Hustle Like a Mom founder Pamela Pekerman to share gift ideas all from, as always, mom-owned brands.

  1. YearCheer x Jewish Family Magic Hanukkah Box $54.95,

· YearCheer partnered with Ariel from Jewish Family Magic to bring fun Hanukkah decor, crafts and activities to your home. Her mission is to spread the love and light and embrace Jewish rituals and traditions with kids. Included box: banner, magnetic rainbow Menorah, Craft ideas, puzzle, recipes including “dreidel pops”, Hanukkah Stamp Kit and Postcards

2. The Shalom Shoppe Beeswax Candle Making Kit $6

· The Shalom Shoppe offers Modern, trendy and affordable Judaica gifts curated by a former Hebrew School teacher, total mensch

3. Shana Colwes Art Latke Recipe Tea Towel, $20

· Great hostess gift, · Always have the iconic Hanukkah recipe on hand

4. Hanukkah Shortbread Mini Cookies Box $2.99

· Comes with three Hanukkah designs: David’s Star, Menorah and a Dreidel. You can use the back of the box to make your own paper dreidel

5. PrintArtKids x Cre8ive Crayonz Hanukkah Cards 8 pack $19.95

· Collaboration between two mom-owned businesses. Hanukkah theme crayons designed byCre8tive Crayonz (based in NJ) and printed by PrintArtKids.

6. Cre8ive Crayonz Handmade Hanukkah Crayons $14

· Mom-daughter duo NJ entrepreneurs. You can also choose to personalize with name in crayons + 1 holiday theme crayon (menorah, dreidel or Star of David)

7. Midrash Manicures Hanukkah Nail Decals $14

· Holy manicure – really! Created by mom and Rabbi who wanted to inject fun style into the delightful holiday. It’s KEY to publicize the miracle of oil lasting for 8 nights – why spread the message on your manicure? Comes with latkes, spinning dreidels, and other decals.

8. TEREZ Kids Hanukkah Coloring Book Leggings $67

· It’s a gift, it’s a craft, and it’s useful leggings! Also, it’s a great way to embrace the symbolizism of holiday. Grab them online or this mom-brand’s new boutique on Lexington Ave and 74th Street.