NEW YORK (PIX11) — Mayor Eric Adams is expected to make another round of budget cuts Wednesday, which could mean cutting weekend library hours at New York City branches.

Adams is expected to unveil the 2024 state budget, which includes a spending cap of $103 billion, and warned the migrant crisis will force some city agencies to make cuts. The city is on track to spend $4 billion next year on the migrant crisis alone.

The migrant crisis has “destroyed the city,” Adams has said.

Adams is not proposing a tax hike, but the money will have to come from somewhere else, possibly at the expense of library hours. The mayor will reveal what agencies will be expected to cut back on Wednesday.

“Balancing this budget and ensuring the services and what it takes to continue the city moving forward,” Adams said.

Meanwhile, the City Council is asking the mayor for approximately $3 million more to be added to the state budget, but Adams’ office said the request discounts the migrant crisis.

“This is a huge burden and we’re not raising taxes. So the only way we could manage is to find efficiencies in other places in city government,” said NYC Budget Director Jacques Jiha.

The sides will be negotiating the state budget until it is finalized in June.