NEW YORK (PIX11) – Pandemic-era outdoor dining sheds are soon to be a permanent staple in New York City.

Mayor Eric Adams is expected to sign Bill 31-C Tuesday, which will allow for permanent outdoor dining sheds.

During the pandemic, outdoor dining sheds were a saving grace for many businesses. The owner of 1803 Restaurant, Tal Lavi, said he invested thousands into the structures.

The outdoor dining shed has a full sound system, fans, heated floors, and even mood lighting.

City Council has passed new legislation to address the 12,000 outdoor dining sheds in the city now that the pandemic has ended. Under the new measure, licensed outdoor dining structures will be allowed on the street in front of restaurants from April to November.

Sidewalk dining will be allowed all year with a permit, but Lavi said dismantling his structure every year won’t work for his business.

Some city officials said the process for permits, fees, and licensing is still being decided. Those will undergo months of hearings and public input before being finalized next year.

The legislation is not expected to take full effect until November 2024.