NEW YORK (PIX11) — With Election Day looming, the millions of Latino voters in New York City could be key in some tight political races, particularly the gubernatorial race.

Latinos make up 25% of eligible voters in the city yet are often underrepresented in elected office and under-serviced by political campaigns and constituent services. Candidates should make a concerted effort to speak to Latino voters, said Frederick Velez, national director of civic engagement at the Hispanic Federation.

“There’s been a lack of outreach through the years and both parties are figuring that out,” Velez said. “Parties need to make sure they’re talking about the issues we care about.”

“We’re always going to turn out for the candidates we feel are speaking to us,” he added.

The most important issues for Latino voters are the economy, education, and safety, he said. Velez said the candidates in this year’s election races have not made an impact on Latino voters when it comes to those concerns.

“At the end of the day we want to feel that we’re listened to and that we’re being heard,” Velez said.

Watch Velez’s full interview on PIX11 Morning News in the video above.