NEW YORK (PIX11) — “Pay It Forward 9/11” is an initiative encouraging people to do random acts of kindness for their loved ones and strangers in honor of the lives lost in the terrorist attacks.

The campaign kicks off Thursday and organizers will be giving out free coffee in Midtown, said organizer Kevin Tuerff.

“As a result of that good deed, we’re going to ask them to pay it forward,” he said. “It’s our way of remembering the lives lost on 9/11.”

Tuerff leads a large team of kind individuals to meet up, help strangers and make them smile. Organizers ask folks to perform three good deeds and in turn, those people also do three good deeds, and so it becomes a ripple effect.

“After the 9/11 attacks, people all over the world came together as one to help each other and support those in need,” Tuerff said. “Now is the time to plan an act of kindness with other people in your circles, register your kindness commitment online, and help restore unity through kindness and create a ripple effect.”

During the 11 days up to the Sept. 11 anniversary, people can participate in the campaign by registering on