New York (PIX11) Actor, comedian and author John Ross Bowie knows how to stay busy in the entertainment world. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ actor recently released his new book ‘No Job for a Man: A Memoir’.

In this book, he talks about his relationship with his father, jobs and how he found manhood. John expresses that although his dad was a fan of tv and film, he thought it wasn’t the sort of thing people would participate in even if they consumed it. His dad would often tell him that acting wasn’t a job for a man.

John also does a 2 person improv show with his wife Jamie Denbo. They will bring the show to San Francisco ‘Sketchfest’ at the end of January and then Los Angeles. He’s hoping to also bring it to New York some time in the future.

‘No Job for a Man: A Memoir’ is available on Amazon and your local bookstore.