New York (PIX11) James Monroe Iglehart brings his Tony Award-winning talents to Disney’s new animated series ‘Kiff.’ The show follows the adventures of a squirrel named ‘Kiff’ and her friend ‘Barry.’ James voices the character ‘Martin,’ ‘Kiff’s’ dad who is always being fooled by his daughter.

Iglehart says ‘Kiff’ and her parents are one big happy family and she gets her adventurous side from her father. Fans will also get hear James sing on the show. He has a song that he describes as a tune you will sing before you go on any journey.

James hit the stage once again for the Paper Mill Production of ‘Hercules’. He takes on the role of ‘Phil.’ The musical features songs from the original animated feature along with some new ones as well. It runs until March 19th at the Paper Mill Playhouse.

‘Kiff’ starts on Disney channel March 10, 2023 and will be availble on Disney Plus March 15th 2023.