NEW YORK (PIX11) – Hundreds of people are expected to protest for a third day Tuesday as the fighting in Israel and Gaza continues.

There was a moment of silence for those that have been killed as well as a prayer for hostages to be returned home safely at the Temple Emanu-el on 5th Avenue Monday.

“Pray for the injured, for the missing, and the kidnapped. Pray for the torn and bereaved families who have empty seats around their table,” said Rabbi Amy Ehrlich during the service.

Members of the Palestinian-American community in Paterson, N.J. gathered to speak out on what they are calling Palestinian resistance.

“When you cage people in and oppress and brutalize them for years, retaliation and resistance is inevitable,” a community member said.

These peaceful demonstrations came on the heels of a tense protest outside the Israeli consulate on Manhattan’s East Side. Israeli and Palestinian supporters engaged in heated standoffs multiple times.

Some even needed to be held back by police.

“We don’t hate Palestinians, we don’t hate Arabs, we don’t hate Muslims. We’re all God’s children but the idea that Jewish presence in an area can be called settlers. That’s preposterous,” said Abraham Hamra, a pro-Israel protester.

“There’s been 75 years of occupation that Palestinian people have suffered through. Children, mothers, whole families being killed and now everybody is shedding tears for when they try to fight back,” said Jacob Buckner, a pro-Palestine protester.

There are more events planned for Wednesday, including one on Staten Island, in Rockland County and one led by New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy.