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When you work in an office environment being comfortable is important. From the right chair to the right keyboard, being at ease could help work productivity. Shaunya Hartley, blogger and lifestyle expert, shows off some cool innovative office gadgets that can help achieve this.

1. Logitech 2016 Party Collection Wireless Mouse $29.99
Pop of fun and color with the 1980s Memphis-style of design
Micro-precise scrolling
18-month battery life

2. Capture It! Digital Recording Stylus $99.95
5-in-1 gadgets
Capture images, documents and receipts
Voice recorder
2GB flash drive
Laser pointer for presentations
Touchscreen stylus

3. Phone Soap Smart phone Sanitizer $60
Clean your phone, iPod, or iPod touch and charge it at the same time
Uses UV light to sanitize phones

4. Password Vault $50
Protect yourself from ID theft
No more forgotten passwords or PIN numbers
Autolocks after 5 failed attempts

5. Laser Projection Keyboard $150
Turn any surface into a workspace
Connects to an device via Bluetooth
Motion sensor laser sensitive and time effective
Great for train or plane travel-use in silent cars

6. Truly Cordless Ear-buds $99.95
30-feet Bluetooth range
Built-in microphone
Hands-free phone conversation

7. Fish Hotel $34.95
Create a cool office space
Have an office pet
Excellent design and instant cool factor
Your workspace will be the hangout spot