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The holidays are coming quickly, and along with the joy and celebrations, they can also bring some unwanted side effects.

Sleep, stress, immunity, mood, energy… all can take a big hit. The key to staying healthy may be in a regular vitamin or supplement.

“When we are deficient in one or more vitamin it can really have a negative impact on how we feel,” said Dr. Nicole Avena, Health Psychologist.

Dr. Avena joined the PIX11 Morning News to share 5 recommendations based on your needs:

1. Sleep

Recommended product: Back To Sleep

“If you’re in bed and just can’t fall asleep, it can really help.”

Also recommended: reducing noise, weighted blankets, reduce screen time before bed, have lighter snacks and avoid sugar

2. Stress

Recommended product: Stress Relief Gummies

“This can help manage stress in the moment.”

Also recommended: mindfulness, get to the source of a stressors, use problem-focused coping strategies

3. Immunity

Recommended product: ImmuneMAX Fizzy Drink

Other recommendations: eat more foods that contain Vitamin D (salmon, milk) and Vitamin C (fruits, broccoli, bell peppers); get lots of rest

4. Mood

Recommended product: SAM-e Complete Tablets

“It’s normal to have mood fluctuations.”

Other recommendations: getting rest, identify & manage daily stressors

5. Energy

Recommended product: Energy B12 Gummies

Other recommendations: reduce processed food intake, watch caffeine intake

For more information on Dr. Nicole Avena, you can visit her website.