With Christmas exactly two months away, some of us might want to get an early start on our holiday shopping. The folks at The Toy Insider are making it easy for parents looking for this season’s hottest toys. They’ve put together their picks and Editor-in-Chief Marissa Silva shared a few with PIX11. For their full list, be sure to check out their site.

● Play time’s a real party for babies with the DJ Bouncin’ Beats musical learning toy. When little ones press the buttons, this interactive dance partner bounces to life with colorful lights, motorized spring action, and 75+ songs, sounds, and phrases that teach the alphabet, counting, colors, and more. Press the red button to record a phrase that DJ Bouncin’ Beats will remix into a song.
● Ages: 9 MOS+
● MSRP: $59.99

● Available: Major retailers

● Kids can enter the land of the most iconic dinosaurs on the Jurassic World, electric 6-volt T-Rex Ride-on by Dynacraft. The custom T-Rex design is cute yet fierce and will inspire hours of imaginative play. Kids will feel safe and in control with an easy-to-use push button acceleration on the handlebars. Kids can pull the lever for interactive features, including chomping action and big dino roar.
● Hits speeds of up to 2MPH.
● Ages: 2+
● MSRP: $66.75
● Available: Walmart
● The slime craze continues! This sealable tub includes multiple colors of slime, textured mix-ins, and unicorn-themed items designed for manual, sensory play. Comes with tools to cut, mix, squish, and design the slime creations. The slime is designed to be non-sticky and easy to clean. Kids can play with their slime in the tub for a safe, neat play space. Everything stores inside when playtime is over.
● Ages: 4+
● MSRP: $14.99

● Just when kids thought it was safe, up from the shadowy depths comes Mega Chomp, the great white R/C shark kids control on land. Its swishing tail and half-submerged body turn any floor into shark-infested waters. Measuring 16-inches long from teeth to tail, Mega
Chomp’s mega size strikes fear into his victims. Its jaws relentlessly chomp as kids direct it towards its next meal. Comes with an easy-to-use, shark-themed controller to guide its movements.
● Ages: 4+
● MSRP: $39.99
● Available: Target, Amazon

● Become a master of real magic and a true “Mixieologist” with the newest addition to the world of Magic Mixies. Featuring more than 80 lights, sounds, and reactions, kids have the power to create a Magic Mixie and summon it to the Crystal Ball. With a flick of the wrist, a wave of the interactive spellcasting wand and some very magic words, the Crystal Ball awakens and real mist is beckoned to fill the sphere. The wand’s lights interact with the Crystal Ball as kids continue the spell and create their Magic Mixie, to give it color, a voice, fortune telling powers, and more. With a final wave of the wand and the words “Magicus Mixus” the mist disappears and the Magic Mixie plush appears right before kids’ eyes. The magic and the fun continue with the Magic Mixie’s four modes of play: Fortune Telling, Spell, Game and Tickling. In Fortune Telling Mode, ask the Mixie a question and its forehead gems light up to reveal the answer. Kids can also make the Magic Mixie disappear and reappear again. And when play and the day is done, the Crystal Ball can be switched to Night Light Mode. What fortune awaits? The Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball predicts hours and hours of magical
playtime fun.
● Ages: 5+
● MSRP: $84.99
● Available: Amazon, Target, and Walmart

● Enter the Akedo Ultimate Triple Tag Arena for three times the action and excitement. Each player can battle with up to three Akedo Warriors at the same time. There’s also a new triple strike controller with switch strike action that gives players the option to rotate and tag or switch between three warriors throughout the epic battle. The three warriors from each side join the action-packed clash until one by one they are taken out by their opponent landing the signature Akedo split strike blow – splitting the warrior in half – until put back together to battle another day. The electronic arena lights up with a push of a button when a split strike is landed and knocks out the LED on the arena screen. When all three LEDS are extinguished on one player, the crowd cheers to signal the ultimate win. Loaded with more than 40 sound effects to add excitement and humor to the battles, the arena also comes with two exclusive Akedo warrior figures. An exclusive Power Strike Chux and his brother, Shades.
● Ages: 6+
● MSRP: $49.99
● Available: Amazon, Target, Walmart

● Among Us is a multi-player, online social deduction game in which crewmates must work
together to identify the imposter who is wreaking havoc aboard a spacecraft. More than 15 million people play the game every day. The fan-favorite villain of the game is now available as a plush that kids can hug! Bring the fun of the game IRL with this collectible plush. This 7-inch Plush Impostor with a vibrant red color is so soft and cuddly that kids will forget that he is the bad guy.
● Ages: 8+
● MSRP: $12.99
● Available: Amazon