New York (PIX11) Actress, author, podcast host, acting consultant and Hollywood mom Bonnie Wallace is doing it all. She is the mother of Emmy Award-winning actress and singer Dove Cameron and Hollywood vocal coach Claire Hosterman. Raising children in the industry, she learned to navigate the ins and outs of the business and shares what she learned with others.

On her podcast ‘Hometown To Hollywood,’ she shares advice and stories. Every episode it features an in depth conversation with someone from the film, tv, and or music world. There are over 130 episodes and six years worth of interviews. She believes each episode can be beneficial to people and admits she’s still learning things about Hollywood from these conversations.

Her latest project is ‘We Can Books’ which is inspired by her family. It is a reading program using phonics. On the ‘We Can Books’ app, people can use their family photos to create a physical book that teaches a child how to read using the phonics method. The app is available for Apple and Android devices.